Current Issue : Vol.11, No.1, June, 2018
Exploring a Singularly Plural Urbanism through Jean-Luc Nancy’s Theories of the City
장-뤽 낭시의 도시 논의를 통한 단수이자 복수로서의 도시론 탐구
백승한[Seunghan Paek]
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Life, Ecology, and Anthropocentricism: A Review of Murray Bookchin's Criticism on Deep Ecology of Arne Naess
생명과 생태, 그리고 인간중심주의: 아르네 네스의 심층생태론에대한 머레이 북친의 비판 재고찰
송태현[Tae-Hyeon Song]
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Gender Politics in Alternative History Science Fiction: Critical Reading of Bok Geo-il’s novel "Searching for the Epitaph"
대체 역사 SF의 젠더 정치학 ― 복거일 소설 『비명을 찾아서』의 비판적 독해
노대원[Dae-won Noh]
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The International Politics Perspectives on Researches on Nation Building in the Post-Colonial, Post cold War Period after Liberation
탈식민, 탈냉전과 해방이후 ‘국가건설’ 연구에 대한 국제정치학적 시각
김수자[Sooja Kim]
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Interreligious Cooperation to Provide Justice to Undocumented People: A Christian-Buddhist Engagement in Offering Hospitality to “Strangers”
Ilsup Ahn[Ilsup Ahn]
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British colonial policy, change and conflict in traditional political institutions and authorities of the Akoko of southwest nigeria, 1897-1960
James Olusegun Adeyeri[James Olusegun Adeyeri]
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Transhumanism and the Land of Cockaygne
Stefan Lorenz Sorgner[Stefan Lorenz Sorgner]
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